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Pamper Your Muscles - Even if You Aren’t Working Out!

Written by Andi Manning • Posted on April 13, 2022

Let’s be honest - even if you work out on the regular, there are times when you simply aren’t (or can’t, don’t want to, or are simply too busy!). I KNOW I can’t be the only one who simply gives into the excuses to skip it every once in a while - or way more often than I’d like to admit! Nothing quite makes me feel like a new woman as a good, solid workout, but as we say in my house, “Shrimp happens!” - hey, we like to keep it PG as much as we can in the language department with kids in the house!


The perfect example - recently, my entire household came down with the big COVID - and over spring break nonetheless! While not entirely an “I don’t want to do it!” excuse, it most definitely interfered with any planned physical activity, exercise or otherwise! Now, we were SUPER lucky that none of us got too terribly sick, but it was definitely enough to put us down and out for a while. And as anyone who has ever been sick knows, it affects your entire body, head to toe. It was two solid weeks of us all suffering the respiratory symptoms, but also struggling with full blown body aches. Enter the perfect, non-exercise reason to use Versa Wand on the daily!


When I’m sick, I struggle with the all over aches, especially with a fever, and struggle with migraines. The deep tissue massage offered by the VersaWand was the PERFECT tool to use, full body, with these symptoms. Let me say, I thoroughly use, and enjoy, all of the attachments, but the large round head is by far my favorite. I can use it anywhere on my body, but it is wonderful to use when I’m struggling with a migraine, sickness induced or otherwise, because I also develop some neck and shoulder stiffness in my muscles. I am able to reap all of the benefits of the massage gun by using it on myself, but there is a whole other level of joy when I can convince a kid or my husband to use it on me - hey, I can relax fully and nearly fall asleep, no matter how crummy I feel! And the headaches brought on by Covid were on another level. Versa Wand not only helped to relieve the aches, but also allowed me to relax, and everyone knows a relaxed body heals quicker (or so I say!).


My husband was lucky - he didn’t struggle with any of the headaches, but the cough? Man, coughing non-stop takes a toll on your body, and I swear if I had to hear him complain about his chest muscles being sore one more time I was going to lose it! I looked at him (he was the first to get sick), coughing and complaining, and thought, hmmmm, I wonder if the massage gun is too powerful for such a sensitive area as the ribs and chest. The answer? NO! I grabbed the massager, popped in the mushroom head (perfect for those more sensitive areas!), and tossed it to him. He finally found relief (no, not from the actual coughing - wouldn't that be a dream!?!) across his chest and ribs! There was an added benefit to this not-so active recovery - the rhythmic massage of the gun seemed to help break up some of the internal respiratory congestion that brought on the cough!

Everyone hates being sick, but anytime something can at least provide some semblance of relief, you should take full advantage of it! VersaWand and the sweet, sweet relief offered up from using the massage gun allowed my family and I to feel at least a bit better during our bout with COVID. I can’t wait to go back to using it because my muscles are sore in a good way though!


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Andi is a 30-something Midwesterner, transplanted to the Indiana cornfields from Chicago. As a working mom of active teenage girls, and amazing (if I do say so myself) wife of way too many years, Andi is all too aware of the work it takes to balance family life, work life, and fitness. Like many during the past few years of restrictions, Andi has adjusted not only her daily routines, but her fitness ones as well, and has prioritized her physical fitness as she edges closer to the dreaded 40-year-old mark. Having found a passion in yoga and Pilates, Andi has also worked through multiple shoulder surgeries over the past year, and has learned to adjust her workouts and recovery to accommodate and prioritize recovery. Andi and her family love finding active activities to do together, such as swimming, hiking, dancing and playing with their way too energetic German Shepherd, Max.